The value of a notebook

The value of a notebook


Your penmanship, quirks and habits are what makes your writing unique. On a keyboard the sense of an individuals identity is lost.



The notebook facilitates you to think creativley. Moving from the ruled lines allows you to transfer your visualisations into 3D doodles, pictures, maybe diagrams of how an idea would work; by transferring your thoughts onto paper you are working in tandem with your mind, releasing all your creativity!



The words you write and the notebooks you fill them with are worth more than perhaps you realise. At auction William Shakespeare's signature sold for $5 million and Leonardo Da Vinci's Codex Leicester notebook sold for $30.8 million. Sir Richard Branson, one of the worlds greatest entrepreneurs, never enters a meeting without a notebook by his side. Moments of inspiration are penned into his notebook before the ideas are lost into his subconscious. His Virgin Group controls more than 400 companies all of which he has had a controlling hand in creating.



The great minds of science and discovery all placed their ideas in notebooks. From Charles Darwin observing evolution on the Galapagas Islands to Albert Einstein discovering the theory of relativity, they all had a notebook close at hand.



The notebook is a trusted confidant. In it you can place your ideas, thoughts and ambitions without fear of viruses, crashes or power outs.