What are Tip-In Pages?

What are Tip-In Pages?

Tip-In pages are custom printed pages of information that are inserted into your promotional journal notebook or corprate diary at the point of manufacture.

These can be placed at the front, the back, or throughout your diary or notebook and can contain any additional information or graphics that you deem necessary for the recipient.


Pages can be printed from 1 colour to Full colour.


As little as 1pp (printed page) can be tipped-in to 1 position, or multiple positions in your product. This is one side of a page leaf.

From here, you can print on both sides of a page leaf - which becomes 2pp (printed pages) - and then configure your tip-in pages in sets of 2pp so that no pages are left blank unintentionally


The minimum INDENT production run to add Tip-In pages is only 250pcs, and can be added to any of the Plusfile range of Journal Notebooks and Diaries produced at the factory in China. 

If you are in a hurry, we can insert Tip In pages into our range of Wiro Pocket and A5 Notebooks in our Sydney factory - MOQ is only 50pcs


Ideas for tip-in pages include:

  • Conference/Seminar Notebooks - Insert the event schedule and work sheets into the journal the attendee will be writing there own notes in, making the Notebook a valuable resource for future reference. (nb - Tip-In pages can be perforated on the spine, if they need to be removed for any reason.) Maybe include a welcoming message from the organiser/CEO/Speaker, or a sponsorship showcase?
  • Corporate Diaries - Include important dates to remember for the upcoming year, product relevant safety information, reference charts, a company directory with additional contact details, a mini catalgue of the products/services you wish to highlight for the upcoming 12 months or specials and promotions for the next year.