What is Debossing?

What is Debossing?


Debossing is an elegant and subtle branding process that embeds your logo or message into the surface of Plusfile promotional notebooks and corporate diaries.

Applied under heat and pressure, the resulting relief will never wear or scratch off, ensuring your brand lasts as long as the product it is applied to.

Depending on the material to be debossed, the resulting image is either;

  • BLIND - where there is little tonal difference between the debossed area and the unbranded surface. This is still visible due to the way light then refracts off the different surfaces created.
  • TONE-ON-TONE - where the debossed area reacts to the application of heat, resulting in a mild tonal change to the debossed area.

For decoration that stands out, Bind Deboss should be done on PU covers (eg  Veleta, Tagore, Slimwave etc..) .  Whilst Papercote (eg Luma, Marano..) can be Blind debossed the result is more subtle.

Embossing uses the same process, however the impression area is reversed, with a defined area around the logo being pressed into the product surface, leaving your branding "proud".

In either case debossing and embossing is associated by many with style and quality.