How high does your pen write?

How high does your pen write?

It is important when associating your name or brand with a product, that you ensure that the product is of good quality, fit for purpose, and will not do anything to damage the perception of your company, organisation or event.


Did you know that most Chinese pens only write for 600 -1000m?


Would you like to promote your brand with a writing instrument that has a virtually endless writing distance, and has the high quality standards only the Swiss can provide?

Have a look at the Burger Swiss Pens range! - with a minimum standard writing distance of 6000 metres (and some pens writing up to 10,000m), these writing instruments will stand the test of time.


Write 10 times longer!


Writing up to 10 times further than most Chinese pens, Burger Swiss Pens are not 10 times more expensive. Prices rival the majority of Chinese metal pens on the market (and a host of plastic ones also) - as such, your return on investment will be much higher as you gain a greater number of logo impressions for your marketing dollar.

Stand out from the crowd by custom colouring the BSP range of pens from as little as 500pcs. Leadtime is only 5-6 weeks from artwork approval. - try our online configurator to see how your colours look on any of the Burger Swiss Pens range.



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