Plusfile O2O Journal - Ruled Luma A5 Notebook

Plusfile O2O Journal - Ruled Luma A5 Notebook


Best New Product - Convex 2017

At the Australasian Promotional Products Association Tradeshow - Convex 2017 - the Plusfile O2O Journal was awarded Best New Product for it's innovation and applications.


Taking Offline to Online.

Plusfile O2O Journals combine a smart notebook and app to digitise your ideas.

Includes a FREE App and Secure Cloud account. Can be used with a standard pen.


The Smart Notebook

Plusfile O2O Journals - Luma - include:
  • Luma papercote hard cover
  • "Quick start" guide
  • "How to" booklet
  • A5 size cream paper smart pages - 172pp of which are lined and ruled
  • "Personal data" page - to record your contact info should your book become lost
  • "Group Index" page - allowing you to "virtually" split your notebook into folders for easy referencing - even if the notes weren't written on sequential pages. This works in conjunction with the app. (eg. folders may be Ideas, Meetings, Project A, Project B etc... or different Subjects in the case of students)
  • "Important Contents" self indexing - so you can quickly find those important note pages
  • Gussetted internal pocket at rear
  • 2 ribbon markers (grey and blue)
  • Elastic closure and pen loop

The App

After scanning your smart notebook pages using the O2OJournals app (for iPhone and Android) you can (Note 1):

  • Store your notes in the secure and dedicated O2O Cloud for access on multiple devices, where ever and whenever you need.
  • Organise your pages using Group Index, Date Index, Bookmark or Tagging. Search and colour index features allow you to find pages conveniently.
  • Customise pages with user friendly productivity tools such as highlighting, adding comments, recording voice memos and inserting pictures.
  • Share your notes (or entire notebook) with friends or colleagues via the O2O app, email or social media platforms.

Multiple smart notebooks can be registered to a single user and accessed individually. These are shown in-app via an image of the notebook cover for easy identification.

Targetted Banner Ads

Our unique in-app banner advertisement delivery system allows you to target the recipients of your branded Plusfile O2O Journal notebook with relevant information relating to your marketing campaign or business.

Banner ad campaigns can have expiry dates set and can be updated as needed in the future.

Ads display when users access the specific notebook via the app.


  • Up to 3 x scrolling banner ads (720 x 1280px)
  • Hyperlinking to additional online information (eg - Exclusive Content, Video, Website, Sale items, Special offers, PDF's etc...)

(Additional costs apply for ad placement and ad updates)


Note 1

Plusfile Pty Limited is an authorised distributor of O2Onotebooks and/or journals and is authorised to print and sell the product. Techstorm Dynamics Pte Ltd is the service provider for the supporting App and data storage functions of the App.  

Plusfile Pty Limited is not responsible for the suitability of the product for your circumstances, the durability or function of the product, functionality or continued availability of the App, services required to support the product (for example App updates, storage of your data) or the security of the storage of your data.

You should carefully review the agreement between Techstorm Dynamics Pte Ltd and the end user (you) before you make a decision about purchasing this product (find their agreement at as they are your point of contact for any problem with the supporting App including functionality or data storage.